"Career opportunities in Sports"

Career in sports is not only about playing on ground. There are many opportunities if you want to pursue a career in sports. The popular mindset has been that sports are good for the mind and body but it cannot help you earn your daily bread. This mindset has to give acceptance of various sports related activities as viable career options. Other than actually being an active sportsman. If even your child is not a good athlete and he love sports, here is a list of some different types of non-athletic careers in sports: Physical Education Teacher Athletic director Athletic scout Athletic trainer Athletics coach Contract negotiator Event coordinator Exercise physiologist Facility operations manager General manager Kinesiologist Marketing manager Materials engineer Nutritionist Orthopedist Personal trainer Physical therapist Referee Social media manager Sports Journalist Sports anchor Sports broadcaster Sports massage therapist Sports medicine medical assistant Sports medicine

Are we seeing more children with motor skill difficulties?

Numerous students in every classroom across the world, these days, experience difficulty lettering, lose their place on a sheet, skip sums problems, and have trouble paying attention. There are students with lack the development and training of the muscles needed for fine and gross motor skills important for a successful classroom experience. Frequently, Children’s never show their difficulties by becoming "class clowns" or "trouble makers" because they are embarrassed. Sometimes these behaviors are a mask for hiding the true problem of being unable to complete class work well. These students need brain engaging strategies, direct teaching and guided practice to assist their progress toward improvement and successful completion of schoolwork. Activities have placed less emphasis on direct teaching of fine and gross motor activities in the periods and yet we expect students to write neatly, which requires developed motor skills. Integrating motor activities in

लहान मुलांच्या टीव्ही मोबाईलच्या वापरावर नियंत्रणाची गरज

लहान मुलांच्या टीव्ही मोबाईलच्या वापरावर नियंत्रणाची गरज बऱ्याच वेळा सकाळी सकाळी आपल्या कानावर जे गाणे ऐकायला येते ते गाणे आपण दिवस भर गुणगुणत असतो किंवा एखादा भुताचा किंवा थ्रिलर चित्रपट आपण पाहतो तेव्हा रात्रभर आपली झोप उडते. अशा कित्तेक सिरिअल्स आहेत ज्या तुम्हाला रडवतात किंवा हसवतात. कधी विचार केलाय अशा स्क्रीन्सचा तुमच्या आयुष्यावर किती मोठा प्रभाव आहे. हो प्रचंड! इतका प्रचंड असतो कि जे आपण बघतो किंवा ऐकतो हळू हळू ते आपले विचार बानू लागतात आणि हे प रीस्तीती आपली तरुणांची किंवा प्रौढांची आहे. विचार करा टीव्ही आणि मोबाइलचा आपल्या लहान मुलांवर काय परिणाम होत असेल?                   वास्तविकता पाहता मनुष्याच्या मेंदूची अधिक वाढ ही ५ ते ६ वर्ष पर्यंत होते. ह्या वयात मुले जे पाहता किंवा ऐकता त्याच्या परिणाम त्यांच्या संपूर्ण भविष्यवर होतो.  छोट्या वयाच्या मुलांकडे प्रचंड मोकळा वेळ असतो आणि पालकांसाठी मुलानं सतत व्यस्त ठेवणे कदापि शक्य नसते. मुलांना मोबाईल किंवा टीव्हीपासून दूर ठेवण्यासाठी पालकांना खूप त्रास उचलावा लागतो. सध्याच्या युगात ज्या काही निवडी दर्शकांना उपलध आहेत त्


There are instances when you hear a song on radio in the morning and ended up singing it all day long, or you watch a scary or disturbing movie and lose your sleep at night. There are so many TV series which make you cry or laugh. Can you see the impact of screens in our lives? Yes, it’s  HUGE! So much so that what we see and what we hear has slowly (but surely) shaped our thought process. And if this is the case for us adults,  IMAGINE THE KIND OF IMPACT IT HAS ON OUR CHILDREN. Considering the fact that maximum brain development occurs by age 5 to 6 year, watching or hearing at this age will shape their entire future.  Children in small age group have a lot of free time and it becomes next to impossible to keep them occupied at home. Keeping your child away from mobile and TV is one of the biggest struggles you might be facing as a parent. The amount of programming choices available these days can be overwhelming and can easily overtake your child's life if you let it

Sports is equally important as Academics.

In our country India we do not have a sporting culture to be proud of our kids are often discouraged from taking up sports seriously. In fact, with mounting academic pressures and a race to secure a bright future, Parents keep pushing their children to fulfill their own dreams rather than their child's dream. only in this way you are able to help your child realize their own potential. However, it is a misconception that sports interfere with academics. In fact, they can actually help aid the overall growth and rounding of a kid. There are loads of benefits attached to playing competitive sports. There are obvious physical benefits to playing sports. With increasingly sedentary lifestyle, a range of diseases are now being seen in children, which were earlier restricted to adults only. When you play competitive sports, you improve your stamina and your overall fitness levels. Competitive sports played at a young age also help cut down the risk of diseases such as arthritis, hi