"Career opportunities in Sports"

Career in sports is not only about playing on ground. There are many opportunities if you want to pursue a career in sports.
The popular mindset has been that sports are good for the mind and body but it cannot help you earn your daily bread.
This mindset has to give acceptance of various sports related activities as viable career options. Other than actually being an active sportsman.

If even your child is not a good athlete and he love sports, here is a list of some different types of non-athletic careers in sports:

Physical Education Teacher
Athletic director
Athletic scout
Athletic trainer
Athletics coach
Contract negotiator
Event coordinator
Exercise physiologist
Facility operations manager
General manager
Marketing manager
Materials engineer
Personal trainer
Physical therapist
Social media manager
Sports Journalist
Sports anchor
Sports broadcaster
Sports massage therapist
Sports medicine medical assistant
Sports medicine physician
Sports photographer
Sports psychologist
Sports statistician
Sports writer

*It is time to encourage sports education in schools and at home*

Making sports an indispensable element in school days comes with a lot of other benefits than you think.  

We study to grow in knowledge and give examinations to keep the brain in action, but our mind is not the only thing which needs exercising. I don’t believe that PE classes should be taken just for the fun of it. Sports deserves as much sincerity and attention as any academic subject. It is the duty of schools to recognise this importance and develop a good curriculum so both students and parents may take interest in the field.

The success of sports people in a recent international sporting event has brought the focus to sports careers. Sports help you to make your body physically fit and keep your mind good. If you choose sports as a career, it also gives lots of fame and money.

You can make a career in any sports field depending on what sports you take up as your expertise.
Shashank Shriram Joshi
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